April, 2010, Chicago Alliance Events

April 10 (Saturday). STC Chicago. Join us on Saturday, April 10, 2010, as Carole Berkson-Ross facilitates a full-day seminar on the current needs for technical communicators and what hiring managers want to pay for. Details: http://bit.ly/aH7D5J.

April 22 (Thursday). CISPI. Mobile Learning, i.e. knowledge and skills delivered via smartphone has been a hot topic during the past 12 months. Come hear from Nancy Munro, one of the region’s advanced practioners. At CARA in Oak Brook. Details: http://tinyurl.com/ydcxhox

April 22 (Thursday). STC-Chicago. Catherine Deschamps-Potter of International Communication by Design, based in Milwaukee, and Hans Fenstermacher of Translations.com, based in Washington, DC, will discuss translation issues for technical communicators. DePaul University in Rolling Meadows. Details: www.stc-chicago.org.

April 24 (Saturday). Co-sponsored by ODN/Chicago and CODIC, the first-ever Chicagoland OD Community Collaborative Learning Event will be held on April 24th. This event will bring together OD practitioners from across the Chicagoland area to share our skills and build a stronger OD community. It will be a special participative learning exchange and inquiry using a variety of methods including Ron Lippitt’s Exchange of Best Practices and an old-fashioned pot-luck lunch. What we learn depends on who shows up. Please come join us for a half-day of learning and fun. Visit www.odnetwork.org/odnc or www.codic.us for details.